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Read about Eric Anderson's tractor ride to Sacramento in May 2008 to spur action on water issues. is a premium wholesale foliage plant nursery specializing in Howea fosteriana, Chamaedorea hooperiana, Chamadorea benzii, Cycas revoluta, Cycas thoursii, Schefflera arboricola ‘Calypso Fan’, and Raphis excelsa production. We grow these in Encinitas, a coastal Southern California community which enjoys one of the world's best year-round climates for producing these quality palms. is a medium sized operation, where your success is our goal. 


Come discover the special selection of foliage plants to enhance your image and wow your customers.


We also offer Mary's Plant PalsTM(tropical foliage plants in 4" pots) on a retail and wholesale basis. They are named for Eric Anderson's grandmother, Mary, who owned Mary's Garden, a garden center in Venice Beach, CA in the 1940s. is the online name for Gish Foliage which is a partnership between Bill Gish  (a founder of Gish Pacific Flowers and Ades and Gish Nursery) and La Costa Flower Shop and Nursery Inc. (LCFS&Nsy Inc.) owned by the Anderson family (50+ years of service to the horticulture trade).


Javier Sandoval is the head grower, producing some of the nicest California-grown interior palms.


Eric Anderson is the grandson of Horace Anderson, the founder of LCFS&Nsy Inc. and carries on the tradition of plantsperson/seedperson that Horace began.  


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