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Eucalyptus Wholesale Seed List -- Winter 2017-2018
Please order only in the units and quantities offered on this list.

Botanical Name Common Name 1,000 OZ
Eucalyptus baueriana* Blue Box 6.00
botryoides compacta* Dwarf Mahogany Gum 6.00
brevifolia* Snappy Gum
bridgesiana* Apple Box 40.00
caesia* Bluish Gray 4.00 11.00
camaldulensis* Red Gum(rostrata) 8.00
campaspe* Silver-topped Gimlet 6.00
cinerea* Ash Colored 10.00
cladocalyx* Sugar Gum 9.00
crebra* Narrowleaf Red Ironbark 12.50
curtisii* Plunkett Mallee 6.00 12.00
dalrympleana* Mountain Gum 8.00
erythocorys* Red Cap Gum 4.00
gamophylla* Blue Mallee 5.00 14.00
goniocalyx* Bundy 5.00
grandis* Rose Gum 5.00
gunnii* Cider Gum 28.00
cv. 'Kira Supreme'* Dwarf Hard Leaf Baby(C/F) 25.00
macarthuri* Camden Woolybutt 12.00 30.00
maculata* Spotted Gum 5.00
microcorys* Tallow-Wood 5.00
cv. 'Moon Lagoon'* for Cut Foliage(slow) 42.00
moorei nana* Little Sally 8.00 25.00
neglecta* Omeo Round-leaved Gum 9.00
nicholii* Willow-leaved Peppermint
nitens* Shining Gum 25.00 95.00
parvifolia(parvula)* Small-leaved Gum(C/F) 60.00
perriniana* Spinning Gum 10.00
preissiana* Bell-fruited Mallee 6.00
propinqua* Small-fruited Grey Gum 6.00
pulverulenta* Silver-leaved Mountain Gum 5.00 14.00
punctata* Grey Gum 5.00 10.50
regnans* Mountain ASh 6.00
resinifera* Red Mahogany 6.00
robusta* Swamp Mahogany 9.00 20.00
rudis* Flooded Gum* 5.00
saligna* Syney Blue Gum(lg fast grow) 5.00 20.00
sideroxylon rosea* Red Ironbark 5.00
stellulata* Black Sally 5.00 20.00
tereticornis* Forest Red Gum 6.00 20.00
umbra* White Mahogany 6.00 18.00
viminalis* Manna Gum 5.00


(*)denotes Trade Pack and is usually enough for 1,000 plants.

(C/F) Being used in California as cut foliage, "seeded euc" or flower.

NO WARRANTY: Anderson's Seed Co will exercise care to have all seeds true to name, however, no warranty express or implied is given. Any liability will be limited to the purchase price of the seed. If the purchaser does not accept the product on these terms, we request that the product be returned at once.