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Palm and Cycad Wholesale Seed List -- Winter 2017-2018
Please order only in the units and quantities offered on this list.

Botanical Name Common Name Each 100 1,000 LB SEED/OZ
Archontophoenix cunnighamiana King Palm 8.00 10.00
cv. SUPER KING Super King Palm 15.00 105.00
Arecastrum romanzoffianum Queen Palm
Arenga engleri Sugar Palm 13.00 100.00 37
Bismarckia nobilis Bismarck Palm 40.00 360.00
Brahea aculeata Sinaloan Hesper Palm 8.00 65.00
armata Mexican Blue Palm 30.00
brandegeei San Jose Hesper Palm 10.00 85.00
edulis Guadalupe Palm 30.00
Butia capitata Pindo Palm or Jelly Palm 28.00
Chamaedorea elegans 2.00 6.00
pochutlensis (costaricana) 5.50 33.00
Chamaerops humilis Mediteranean Fan Palm 27.00
Dypsis lutescens Areca Palm 8.00
Howea forsteriana Kentia Palm 72.00
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Bottle Palm 20.00 160.00
verschaffeltii Spindle Palm 10.00 75.00 114
Jubaea chilensis Chilean Wine Palm 15.00 120.00
Jubaeopsis caffra Pondoland Palm 2.00
Livistona chinensis Chinese Fan Palm 18.00
saribus 60.00
Phoenix canariensis Canary Island Date Palm 10.00 5.00
roebelenii Florida Hybrid Type 7.00
sylvestris Wild Indian Date Palm 55.00
Sabal minor Dwarf Palmetto 20.00
palmetto Cabbage Palm 16.00
'Riverside' 65.00
Trithrinax acanthacoma 35.00
Trachycarpus fortunei Chinese Windmill Palm 18.00 68
Washingtonia filifera California Fan Palm 3.50 10.00 270
x. filibusta 3.50 11.00
robusta Mexican Fan Palm 3.50 12.00 270
Wodyetia bifurcata Foxtail Palm 35.00 320.00
Zamia furfuracea Cardboard Palm 4.00 35.00


NO WARRANTY: Anderson's Seed Co will exercise care to have all seeds true to name, however, no warranty express or implied is given. Any liability will be limited to the purchase price of the seed. If the purchaser does not accept the product on these terms, we request that the product be returned at once.